Bloodlust Isn't Ladylike

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my babies are big, strong

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still laughing about yesterday during gender/sexuality studies class when our professor had everyone chant “VAGINA! PENIS! VAGINA!” a few times to make us more comfortable with saying those terms

and this girl just stands up slowly and says “…this… this isn’t math class…”


Wearing “The Teacup Dress” from @bigsiscloset for day 13 of the #tcfstyle challenge, #blue! (at Your Big Sister’s Closet)

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"John Lennon Syndrome"

A white guy who preaches peace/love/good gender politics but is an abusive asshole to the people he is close to and does not uphold those values in his personal life.


she likes carrying around random rags for no reason


it s abou t damn itme

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punks gf: want me to jack u off babe

punk: no i will do it myself

punks gf: why

punk: DIY forever

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